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 I love Arkansas! 

My husband and I live in Lowell and have seven sons. We know - that’s a lot of sons. And, I’m a big fan of showing them that anyone can make a difference. 

My husband and I served as foster parents for several years. We adopted a couple of our boys out of the system and were able to help reunite several other children with their families. While working with the child welfare system, I gained unique insight into how these systems work and where they need improvement. 

I care so deeply about helping families navigate the foster care system. That’s why I wrote some children’s books to help kids and families understand the process. I’m honored that my books have been used by counselors and therapists to help children understand what’s happening to them. Still, I needed to do more for this community. 


I decided to go back to school a few years ago to finish my undergraduate degree, and now I’m earning my graduate degree in social work. Studying social work has sparked a passion for policy, and policy impacts all of us.

I’m running because you deserve a leader who will help you navigate the system AND work to fix it. You deserve a leader who will be on your team. 

I want to be a part of a government that empowers people. 


I’m Kelly Krout, and I’m running for Lieutenant  Governor because I’ll never stop fighting for my family or yours.

Arkansas deserves a leader
who is willing to do the right thing. 

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